Interior Finishes

Interior Wall Finishes

Signature Graphics produces and installs wall coverings that are perfect for your next decorative project, and customized for any environment. Abrasion-resistant lamination can be applied to extend the life of your wall against wear and tear. Signature Graphics wall coverings are far superior to coverings found in the retail market. We offer countless textures and colours including: canvas, plaster, chrome, mylar, pearl, stipple, silk, and elephant skin. 3M DI-NOC series offers a large collection of superior designed and manufactured architectural finishes that looks and feels like wood, fabric, marble and metal surfaces but are in fact vinyl films! DI-NOC will allow you to transform your office or showroom into an entirely new look, without costly wall surface construction.

3MTM DI-NOCTM Architectural Finishes

3MTM DI-NOCTM Architectural Finishes Quick Ship Pattern Collections 2020

3M Di-Noc Installer

Resurface, don't replace.

3M™ DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes are self-adhesive films that can stick to walls, doors, panels, ceilings, furniture and virtually any other surface. With a wide range of styles, colours and textures, they offer everything you need to update your interior without needing to replace — just resurface.

Have An Idea? We Can Bring It To Life

Signature Graphics wall coverings can be printed with any custom design you envision, or you can select from various patterns available in our shareable catalogue. Our wall coverings can be produced and applied as a pressure sensitive film directly to a smooth clean surface or we can reverse apply our graphics to a clear protective, ridged panel for application on slightly textured surfaces.

Corporate Finishes
Corporate Wall Decals

Why Choose Signature Graphics?

• In-house production
• Quick turnaround time
• Customizable with any image, graphic or pattern
• Premium Latex printed or manufactured / Vinyl Material
• Extensive collection of texture and colour options
• Class A Fire-Rated, CCCW 408D Mildew & Fungal Resistance Rated
• Easy to clean and maintain
• Perfect for a broad range of applications including hospitality, healthcare, office, retail, education, and interiors that undergo average to heavy scuffing


Our Wall Coverings utilize Pressure Sensitive Adhesive technology. They require no messy paste since they are backed by an adhesive that adheres directly to the wall when pressure is applied upon installation. Signature Graphics wall coverings can be printed with any design and then cut into shapes, lettering, logos, or used as full wall-scapes. They are extremely popular with interior designers These wall coverings are available in different finishes, and will enhance any office, hospital, lobby or other corporate interior space.

Fitness Gym Wall Graphics

Decorative Window Solutions

Signature Graphics offers a large variety of decorative and privacy Window Films. Our window films can be custom printed with graphics, or appear as a simple etched/frosted finish. Our window films can be computer cut into various shapes. We can promote your brand by cutting in your company's logo, or adding some excitement or texture by printing nature or artistic scenes onto the frosted vinyl. Our frosted window coverings allow light to pass through the window film whether it’s been printed or left as regular etched vinyl.

We’re Your Designer’s Resource Centre

Our window treatments add elegance and privacy to your environment, without expensive“designer glass”. We also utilize popular window films such as 3M Fasara lines. No matter what design challenges you face, we can provide affordable, practical and unique solutions with impressive results. Signature Graphics are the Architectural Window Covering specialists; we will make your decorative or privacy window challenges disappear.

Interior Metal Sign on Wood

Interior Wall Signs & Logos

Let Signature Graphics help you make a great first impression with clients by installing a custom interior wall sign, logo or mural. These signs are great in reception areas, lobbies, waiting rooms, and more. Signs are made from a variety of materials, colours and styles. Using only high quality materials, these signs are guaranteed to last. Cut with laser precision quality, we can recreate any shape or font.

Corporate Wall Art

Acrylic, Polycarbonates and Printed Canvas graphic art panels are perfect to install onto walls to add a sophisticated and durable aesthetic finish. This type of interior design art or corporate identity vehicle is stylish, cost-effective and versatile - making them a popular option for architects and interior designers. When standard wall coverings are not enough to provide texture and an artistic flare in a space, adding rigid printed art solutions are perfect to enhance décor.


Acrylic is our most popular rigid substrate for producing architectural artwork. It has glass-like qualities of clarity, but is half the weight and has many times the impact resistance. This paired with being less costly than glass, is likely the reason why many architects and designers choose Acrylic for interior displays and artwork.

Polycarbonate & Aluminum

Polycarbonate is highly impact resistant and perfect for installations in high traffic or damage-prone environments. Nearly 200 times stronger than glass, polycarbonate also has heat and flame resistant properties. We typically use Polycarbonate (Lexan) rather than acrylic if there is a higher risk of impact or vandalism.

Canvas Prints

Exquisite custom art printed directly onto artist’s canvas and stretched to almost any size can offer a homey artistic feel to any environment. We can elevate your canvas prints still further by adding a wood frame/surround.

Ada (Braille) Signage

The term "ADA Signs" (Americans with Disabilities Act) has become the common architectural, construction and signage industry term. Signature Graphics offers Braille signs and can also create customized shapes, colours, textures and sizes. These signs will guide patrons as well as display your corporate identity and complement your interior design. These signs will guide patrons, display your corporate identity and complement your interior design.

Braille Washroom Signage

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