Interior Signs

Interior Signs & Logos

Let Signature Graphics help you make a great first impression with clients by installing custom interior signs, logos or murals. These signs are great in reception areas, lobbies, waiting rooms, and more. Signs are made from a variety of materials, colours and styles. Using only high quality materials, these signs are guaranteed to last. Cut with laser precision quality, we can recreate any shape or font.

Interior Logo Sign
Reception Sign

Awaken your office space

Whether it’s for branding, education or pure entertainment, interior signs can elevate your environment to a whole new level. From design to fabrication and installation, Signature Graphics offers everything you need to add character and life inside your store, office, lobby or large public space.

Fully Customized Signs

Whether you're looking for a modern and sleek look or a local and rustic feel, our expert designers will create an interior sign that makes a statement in your space.

Interior Wall Logo
Interior Logo

Guaranteed to Last

We believe in the the quality and craftsmanship of every piece we design and install. These pieces have been tested to last a lifetime.

Metal, Acrylic, Wood, Illuminated & More!

We use the highest quality plastic, metal and illuminated letters and logos in the industry. From flat cut metal to laser cut acrylic, the options are endless.

Interior Metal Sign on Wood
Metal Logo Sign

Any Style of Letters or Logos

Our letters and logos can be laser-cut to virtually any custom shape and style. Laser-cutting creates precise edges that can’t be duplicated with a traditional router.

Wayfinding Signs

Help guide your clients around your facility with eye-catching wayfinding interior signs. We have a variety of styles and options for any budget. Our interior signs are great for any directional, informational, and/or regulatory purposes.

Wayfinding Signage
Lobby and Directional Signage

Lobby Signage

Greet your clients with an elegant and easy to understand lobby sign. Whether you're looking aluminum or clear acrylic, we have a number of lobby signage options. Our signs are designed to look great in hotels, medical centres, offices, condos and more. Best of all, our signs are easy to change if a tenant moves.

Ada (Braille) Signage

The term "ADA Signs" (Americans with Disabilities Act) has become the common architectural, construction and signage industry term. Signature Graphics offers Braille signs and can also create customized shapes, colours, textures and sizes. These signs will guide patrons as well as display your corporate identity and complement your interior design. These signs will guide patrons, display your corporate identity and complement your interior design.

Braille Washroom Signage
Interior Sign Options


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