Neon Signs

Custom LED Neon Signs

We can create LED Neon Signs customized to look the way you want. Neon light tubes are made from PVC with LEDs that produce a neon effect. Our signs are lighter, less expensive and safer than traditional glass tubes. They are low voltage(12V) and have 100,000 hours of lifetime. They are great for restaurants, bars, parties, online streaming, media rooms and more!

No buzzing sound.

Easy installation.

Delilah's Restaurant Neon Sign
Neon Sign for Salon

Great for Restaurants, Bars, Parties & More

• Transparent power cord with 12v to 120v adapter
• Pre-drilled for wall mount option
• Indoor and Outdoor models available
• Lightweight and easily portable
• Energy efficiency

Less Expensive than Traditional Glass Neon Signs

Neon light tubes are made from PVC and LED lights to provide a neon effect. Low Voltage(12V); 100,000 hours of lifetime.

Neon Sign for Party
Custom Neon Signs

Create your own design

Send us your concept, along with sizing, and our talented designers will design your NEON sign. If you want to display your company logo or your favourite motto, then our neon signs will get people talking!

Warranty Included

Our neon signs come with a one (1) year warranty for indoor applications and a three (3) month warranty for outdoor applications.

Neon Sign for Channel
Neon Sign for Bar

Lightweight & Safe

Easy Installation: Signs are mounted on a transparent or black acrylic backing, which is laser cut to the same shape hiding beneath the letters. There are screw holes on the acrylic backing for mounting.

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