COVID Barriers
Protective COVID Barriers

Custom Protective COVID Barriers

We create custom protective COVID barriers in a variety of shapes and sizes. Our protective sneeze and cough guards are perfect for restaurants, stores, offices and more! We have a variety of options to help maintain separation and improve privacy. To learn more about our custom protective COVID barriers then contact us today!

Protective Barriers for Offices

Lightweight and Portable Options

We also have lightweight and portable protective barrier options. Perfect for businesses that require modular solutions, offering flexibility for layout changes.

Extendable Stands

Our adjustable protective barriers can be extended from 4-10 feet wide and 5-10 feet high. These stands can be repurposed to display promotional graphics.

Protective COVID Barrier
Hanging Sneeze Guard

Hanging Shields

To keep countertops free and clear, we have hanging shield options. Our technicians can install protective barriers from ceilings. Barriers can be customized to any size that suits your needs.

Freestanding Floor or Countertop Options

We offer both freestanding floor and countertop protective barriers options. Whether you're looking for a fixed or modular barrier, we have a variety of configuration options. We can create custom solutions based on your set up and needs.

Retail Protective COVID Barrier

Retractable Barriers

Our retractable barriers provide mobility at a cost effective price. The clear, poly panel easily retracts into the banner stand hardware. Each stand comes a carrying case. These stands can be repurposed to display promotional graphics. To learn more click here...

Cost Effective Options for all Budgets

If you're looking for a cost effective solution, we have prefabricated protective barriers. To learn more about our standard protective barriers then contact us today!

Standard COVID Barriers
Custom Protective Barriers

Custom Protective Barriers

If you're struggling to find a protective barrier that fits your needs, then consider a custom protective barrier. We will cut, mould and connect the protective barriers into a solution that fits your needs.

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